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I’ve found that for myself and many others (depending on your genetics), calves need a lot of extra work in order to develop and progress as well as any of the other muscle groups. That’s why I believe an important piece of gym equipment to have is some sort of calf machine or in this case, calf block, in order to do extra calf workouts at home. Calves is an often overlooked muscle when it comes to performance training, strength training and bodybuilding. Perhaps the most stubborn muscle group in the body, the calves are made up of both the larger gastrocnemius muscle and the smaller soleus muscle. And to create a full and well developed looking, as well as well performing lower leg area, it is important to round out your calf workouts by also working out the tibialis anterior (the muscle on the shin). And quite frankly, hitting them once or twice a week at the gym just isn’t enough for a lot of people. This TDS Calf Block Platform seemed to offer a solution that could fit in anyone’s home gym no matter how small. So we here on At Home Gym Review ordered the piece for ourselves, and here’s what we think of it.

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When the box first arrives and you carry it inside your house you will notice right away its solid weight. This is real heavy duty metal and that’s a GOOD thing. As per the product description it can withstand one thousand, yes 1,000, pounds. Upon first opening it my first thoughts were, “a car could run over this and it wouldn’t suffer a single dent or scratch”. When you open the box you will find inside the main, diamond plated bar, the two rubber grip outfitted bars on which the main bar stands on, and the nuts and bolts. There is no rubbery smell or factory smell, on top of that you can see immediately that this block looks REALLY GOOD. The diamond plated top of the main bar feels real nice, and high quality. It is truly impressive, the looks of it all straight out the box.

The Arrival Of The TDS Calf Block Platform

Unboxing Of The TDS Calf Block Platform

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Putting this calf block together was easy. It took me 13 minutes to assemble, only because I put the bolts in upside down, and had to redo it. The flat, shorter ends should go on the bottom, otherwise, the bolts will be the first to touch the ground and not the rubber end caps. Realistically it should take you around 5 minutes or less to assemble, if you have half a brain. I obviously do not (lol). But in all seriousness, it is extremely easy to put together, regardless of the fact that it does not come with any instruction manual. It is pretty self explanatory though.

All The Pieces Of The TDS Block Platform Layed Out

The Only Tools Need To Assemble This Calf Block

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Immediately after putting this thing together, I was extremely excited to test it out. I did some donkey calf raises with it, straight legged calf raises, and single leg calf raises. Without any weights on the first day of testing, I immediately felt the pump in each rep. My calves were ON FIRE. The block is solid and can be stored anywhere. I personally keep it next to the treadmill and am able to use the handles of the treadmill, or the wall to balance myself when doing donkey calf raises. The rubber grips on the bottom of the two bars holding up the main bar, keep the whole thing securely in place. It never slipped, not once. And the diamond grill top, when using a pair of shoes, maintains a solid grip.

Single Leg Calf Raise On The TDS Calf Block

Feeling The Pump On These Calf Raises Using The TDS Calf Block Platform

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Final Thoughts

After having received this item two weeks ago, and doing calf raises on it for 4 days a week, I can tell you with utmost confidence, this bar will raise your calf game to the next level. Although I still do the sitting calf raise machine at the gym twice a week, I feel a better pump with this bar, and it is much more versatile than the sitting calf raise machine. And though I put this down as expensive in the cons for the final review, that is only relative. It is expensive for what some may perceive as just a piece of metal. Add to the fact that shipping is nearly as much as the $30 price tag. After taxes this item cost a total of $54 and change. Yet still this is a 1/3rd of the price of a sitting calf raise machine. So again, “expensive” is all relative. After a couple weeks with this block, I can say for sure I wish I had ordered this much soon. Oh well…better late than never!

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Our score

9.3 Total Score
The Perfect Calf Raise Block

The TDS Calf Block Platform is a bit pricey for what some may consider just a nice looking piece of metal. However, it is truly an amazing calf block. The metal is high quality and extremely sturdy and durable. The diamond grip helps keep feet properly in place, and the design of the block allows for the best stretch possible in order to create an incredible pump when working out the calves.

Look & Feel
Ease Of Assembly
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Takes Up Minimal Space
  • Functions Perfectly For Calve Workouts
  • The Price Is Quite Expensive
  • Shipping Is Not Free
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