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At Home Gym Review is run by experienced product reviewer, certified health coach, and fitness blogger Mike Alonzo. This site prides itself in providing factual information on the products that are reviewed, as well as unbiased opinions of the products based on research and product testing. We love fitness over here and we love buying and using new gym equipment, fitness gear, and everything else involved with improving one’s physique, performance, health, and athleticism.

You can support our work simply by reading about the products we have chosen and buying them through the links on our guide pages or through the shop links placed throughout this website.

If readers choose to buy the products we recommend as a result of our research, analysis, interviews, and testing, our work is sometimes supported through an affiliate commission from the retailer when you make a purchase. If we pick something you don’t like and you return it, our commission is forfeited. We believe that to be a fair system. In the end the reader is the end user, and should benefit the most from this site. Of course to keep it running and to help put food on our tables, we will accept these commission payments from the retailers you choose to purchase from based on our recommendations. And we will do so with a smile on our face!

You will notice that we often link to Amazon for making a recommended purchase. There are a few reasons for that. One, Amazon first and foremost is a library/search engine for products. Now it is also one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, so that’s a big plus as well. Secondly, we LOVE Amazon especially because of the convenience of Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping (one-day shipping at times), excellent customer services, and the overall power they yield to make the shopping experience truly second to none. If you’d like to support us outside of buying something we recommend, you can do so by shopping through any of the following links.



To make decisions, At Home Gym Review does in house testing, interviews as well as logging in hours upon hours of research in order for our readers to make the best purchasing decision possible.

You can also support us by shopping with our affiliated retailers, from which we may receive a commission when you buy:

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