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Finer Form Curved Sit Up Bench


Today we will be reviewing the Finer Form Curved Sit Up Bench, which I believe is a great addition to anyone’s home gym or fitness room. I personally have a gym membership at a 24 Hour Fitness Super Club, which I go to regularly. This is a pretty top of the line gym, basketball court, pool and everything. But there is only ONE, yes only one decline sit-up bench (aside from the decline bench press, which doesn’t work as well for doing abs). It’s a hassle because there are times where people will hog that bench for half an hour, and who seriously has time to wait for that? So my solution was to purchase my own decline ab bench, to do my ab workouts at home. And of course here on At Home Gym Review I’m going to share with you my overall thoughts and ratings of this curved decline bench.

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So there were two versions of this curved sit up bench on Amazon. The black, which at the time of purchase only came as “used”. Then there was the red version, which is offered as brand new. I opted for the new one. The package arrived on my doorstep two days after I placed my order, thanks to my Amazon Prime Membership. The box is rather long, but the width was minimal enough for me to fit my arms around. In terms of weight I was easily able to carry it from my doorstep to my home gym area in the back patio. When unboxing the item, everything seemed in tact and looking good.

New Addition To The Home Gym – Finer Form Situp Bench

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I honestly did not know what to expect in terms of assembling this piece of gym equipment and as to how many pieces there would be. I was pleasantly surprised to see this bench was made up of only two main components, and just a few nuts and bolts. Also included in the box was a well-detailed instruction manual. Putting the whole thing together quite frankly was a breeze. You can check out the video at the bottom of the page to see just how easy it was to put together. Taking my time and being a bit slow due to the fact that I just woke up when I started putting it together, I was still able to assemble the sit up bench in less than 15 minutes. And trust me when I tell you, I’m no handy man (lol!). After putting it all together I could see right away that this curved sit up bench was high quality, sturdy, and exactly what I needed to set my abs on fire!

Everything That Is Included With The Finer Form Bench

Assembly Was Quite Easy | First Piece Of The Bench Is The Rollers To Hold Legs In Place

Took Under 15 Minutes To Fully Assemble The Finer Form Curved Sit Up Bench

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Immediately after assembling the Finer Form Curved Sit Up Bench I had to test it out! The look and feel of this product is great. When you’re lying on it you can feel how sturdy and stable it is, no shake and extremely durable. On top of that the material the bench is made of feels good to the touch, firm but comfortable to lay on. After doing some ab workouts on it I could feel the burn and the stretch in my abs, and unlike other benches where the leg holders are too low, there was absolutely no pain in my knees or legs. The only thing I wish this bench had was a mobile foot holder instead of a stationary one, the type that hangs down but when you put your feet under the padding, it moves up as your feet move up. But again, I believe this is the best bench on the market for your at home gym, aside from the ones you find at a commercial gym.

The Finished Product | Finer Form Curved Sit Up Bench

The Finer Form Sit Up Bench Review & Testing

Testing Out The Finer Form Curved Sit Up Bench

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Final Thoughts

After a month and a half with this bench, I no longer do ab workouts at the gym. I do my ab workouts only at home now, giving me more time to focus on other muscle groups when I’m at the gym. The bench has stayed true to from, durable and perfectly functioning. I absolutely love this bench as I no longer have to wait on anyone at the gym to use the SINGLE decline ab bench that is available there. Also I use this bench for multiple exercises, aside from your typical sit ups, crunches, and oblique crunches. When paired resistance bands and resistance loops, I have been able to truly get my money’s worth with this bench. I highly recommend it to anyone who would rather do their ab workouts at home. And with a decline bench such as this one, you could do your 6 to 10 minutes worth of ab workouts every other day, and if paired with the proper diet, you’ll be showcasing a nice set of abs in no time!

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Video Review From YouTube

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Our score

8.9 Total Score
Easy To Assemble & Simple To Use Sit Up Bench

The Finer Form Curved Sit Up Bench is the perfect ab bench for those who'd like to take their crunches and sit-ups to the next level. Being able to "hang" in a semi-suspended state allows for a better ab workout than standard crunches or sit ups. This particular bench is sturdy, well made, looks good and is extremely easy to assemble.

Look & Feel
Ease Of Assembly
  • Easy To Assemble
  • High Quality
  • Sturdy
  • Doesn't Take Up Much Space
  • Allows For A Multitude Of Ab Exercises
  • Adjustable Height
  • Looks Great
  • Very Durable
  • Foot Holder Is Not Mobile
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