The Normal Routine

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It Starts With What I Eat

It actually starts with breakfast. Or it actually starts when I wake up. First thing’s first, a tall glass of water. Then some fiber. My usual breakfast is simple. A bowl of Cheerios or Quaker Oats. Half a banana. Two egg whites. And then finally my vitamins. I’ll usually head straight to the gym after breakfast, and pre/intra-workout I’m sipping on my BCAA’s. Post-workout consists of a protein shake. A few hours later I’m eating a well balanced 400 calorie meal, consisting of vegetables, meats, and carbs. The next meal will be the similar a few hours later. For dinner, I’ll have a 500-600 calorie meal also balanced the same. Finally, I’ll have one last meal 300 – 400 calorie snack before I go to bed. Now I don’t count calories precisely, I just guestimate. I’m at a point in my fitness where I can eyeball what I’m putting into my body. The point is, I eat to about 85% fullness and I’m fueling my body through the day.
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My Fitness Routine

I live an extremely active lifestyle. That’s why I can eat as much as I do during my normal routine, PLUS indulge in my cheat days. Everyone is different and will have to adjust their normal eating routine according to their normal fitness routine. I hit the gym 5 days a week, working out different muscle groups. I space them out and make sure to include 2 days of cardio or high-intensity training in my routine. Two days of the week consist of very light cardio so that my body can rest and recover.
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Rest & Recovery

As I said, 2 of those days of the week I partake in only very light cardio. No more than 15 to 20 minutes per one of those days. That allows me to rest my body and let the muscles recover. That’s where the true strength and physique gains come in. Through recovery…but you know that already. Also, I do my best to get an average of 7 hours of sleep per night. I don’t always succeed, but again I do my best. Of course I also indulge in my CHEAT DAYS. Those days serve multiple purposes, allowing me to refuel, relax and enjoy myself.
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In the end, my normal routine is simple. After years of such a routine, it is only second nature. For those who follow a similar regimen, you understand. For those still trying to achieve healthy habits you will get there eventually. The normal routine for anyone becomes just that, a habit. Habits are hard to break so, again once you get into similar healthy habits your routine will be similar as well. And it won’t be hard to maintain. Of course, the cheat days help tremendously, more so they are a vital part of the normal routine!
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