Amazon Basics 20 Pound Dumbbell Set


Anyone can benefit from a few light dumbbells such as what’s included in the Amazon Basics 20 Pound Dumbbell Set. Whether for toning, cardio, or muscle building, there are literally hundreds of applications for these weights. And any home gym, of any size, can benefit from these pairs of 2 lb, 3 lb, and 5 lb dumbbells. So here on At Home Gym Review, we decided to take a deeper look at this dumbbell set from Amazon.

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Straight out the box, the set includes the stand and the dumbbells themselves. The stand comes in two main pieces, along with connectors and screws. There is a small manual which explains how to put the stand together. Everything arrived in tact, and at first look, the weights are really nice. I really like how they feel in your hand, smooth yet grippy at the same time. Also the dumbbells were weighed individually and each one weighed as it should.

Amazon Basics 20 Pound Dumbbells Set Includes A Pair Of 2 Lb, 3Lb, And 5Lb Dumbbells Along With A Stand

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Now my only gripe with this set is the stand. Honestly, if this set only included the dumbbells, the rating would be higher. The dumbbells themselves need no assembly. The stand, on the other hand, is made up of two main components. These are two plastic pieces which aren’t exactly flimsy, but also not really sturdy. They are thin, and kept together by long cylinder plastic connectors, and screws. These “connectors” have holes in them were the screws go through. Unfortunately, these holes are just that, holes. There are no grooves in them, making it hard to screw the screws into them. After an unexpected amount of time and effort, I was finally able to put the stand together. And they felt a bit shaky when putting the weights on. However, I will say the stand has held up, and the weights are still held up by it.

No Grooves In The PLastic Connectors

It Was A Workout Just Getting The Screws Into The Plastic Connectors!

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So in this case testing meant a workout. I used them for a few days in a row (I still use them to this day, but I don’t consider it testing anymore), incorporating different exercises. On one day I did boxing drills with the dumbbells. The next I used for a burnout session on my shoulders. And the third day I used to weigh myself down doing various ab exercises. The size of these dumbbells is perfect for a lot of fast paced type workouts. And again, the grip and the feel of these weights are superb. I don’t worry about the weights flying off my hands when I’m shadow boxing or running with them. I also continually switched out weights, so I was able to test out the stand and how it withheld me quickly putting weights on and pulling weights off over periods of time. And again, the stand is still standing.

Some Shadow Boxing With The Amazon Basics Dumbbells

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Final Thoughts

Aside from wishing the stand was made of better quality, and that assembly was a bit easier, the Amazon Basics 20 Pound Dumbbell Set lived up to my expectations and fitness needs. They take up very little space, yet can be used for a wide variety of exercises, fitness goals, and fitness types. Whether you’re into boxing, body building, a runner, etc., these dumbbells complement any home gym extremely well.

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Our score

8.1 Total Score
Great Weights Not So Great Stand

The best selling Amazon Basics 20 Pound Dumbbells set is all good...except the stand. Of course, the most important part of this set is the weights themselves. They feel great to the touch, are sturdy and durable, and work perfectly for a number of different exercises. The stand is hard to put together and made of not so durable, thin plastic.

Durability (Weights Only)
Look & Feel
Stand Durability
Ease Of Assembly
  • Dumbbells Look And Feel Great
  • Each Dumbbell Weighted Accordingly
  • Smooth Yet Grippy Handle
  • Nice Looking Colors
  • Take Up Very Little Space
  • The Stand Is Flimsy
  • The Stand Is Hard To Put Together
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